IBC launches “Responsible? Brands” group on Flickr

So we took Rauschenberg’s advice to heart and kicked off a little experiment this afternoon.

It’s called “Responsible? Brands” and it’s a still-very-embryonic-photo-group on Flickr. The welcome message reads:

“Thanks for stopping by… Are you interested in socially-responsible brands? A healthier lifestyle? If yes & yes, as you roam the streets of your city/town/hamlet (make it a project this weekend!), snap some photos of responsible(?) brands in action and submit them here so we can keep tabs on what these companies are up to… thanks!

What a tireless, enthusiastic bunch we are….

Over time, we’re hoping the photos in this group will offer a running look at the “responsible brand” marketing zeitgeist around the world and everything that entails…

We’ll also be featuring standout photographs here on Indie Breakfast Club every week or so (if any appear).

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your camera and hit the streets! Help us keep a) these brands honest and b) IBC looking spicy.

3 Responses to IBC launches “Responsible? Brands” group on Flickr

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